Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

The Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre is unique in its flexibility. Our 35 very diverse rooms can be used separately or combined, allowing us to create the ideal setting for small or large-scale conferences. Thanks to the architecture of the RACC and our experienced staff, we offer you the ultimate experience. Our modern rooms facilitate high-tech audio-visual resources. Our chef is passionate about creating mouth-watering menus that you can customise according to your wishes. We also facilitate security, cleaning and waste management.

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Conference City Rotterdam

The conference venue in Rotterdam is easy to reach by car, bicycle and public transport. The RACC is in the heart of Rotterdam-Zuid, just south of the Nieuwe Maas river and the centre of Rotterdam. The venue is ideally connected; close to the motorway and five minutes from the Zuidplein bus and metro station. Your guests will have no problem getting to the RACC.

Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • The largest auditorium in the Netherlands
  • More than 50 years of hospitality experience
  • 10 min from city centre


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Bringing excitement to life!

Here in Rotterdam Ahoy it happens. With the people that experience it,and the people that make it possible. Large or small scale. From the inside. In encounters. In heads. In hearts. It moves you.
Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre. Bringing excitement to life!

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Organising a Conference

The RACC is a perfect venue for organising a conference. Thanks to the versatility of the rooms due to the flexible walls, there is always a layout to suit your needs. We take care of everything down to the last detail, even before the visitor arrives. We pay attention to every aspect, from the reception and catering to the audio-visual equipment for a presentation!

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RTM Central
Car/ Bus
30 min (60km)
45 min (80km)
Public Transport
24 min
50 min


International trains to RTM central

  • Antwerp
    26 min
  • Brussels
    1hr 11 min
  • Paris
    2hr 36 min
  • London
    3hr 1 min
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AV Specialist

When it comes to audio-visual equipment, we work with the best partners. Whether you need a simple beamer or an elaborate light show, our in-house AV specialist is happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Event management

Every event at Ahoy is assigned a project manager. They know our building inside out and are the point of contact for the organiser. The project manager is happy to help you plan the perfect event!

Event hospitality

Hospitality is in our blood. From the friendly smile from the traffic officer to the delicious coffee served, we welcome our visitors with open arms.

Event catering

The influence of food, drinks, smells and tastes is demonstrably great. Thanks to years of experience in various events, we can advise you perfectly.

Event sustainability

Ahoy invests in sustainability and limits the impact on the environment as much as possible. Ahoy has taken a major step with the installation of the largest solar roof in Rotterdam.

Ahoy IT

For tailor-made advice and expert support regarding IT applications during all conceivable trade fairs, conferences and events, you can confidently accommodate Ahoy IT.

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