Practical information

Here you will find useful information for your visit to Ahoy. Is your question not listed? Take a look at our FAQ.


There is a manned cloakroom where you can store your clothing piece at a rate of € 2.50 per piece. It's also possible to rent lockers. 

Taking along large and unhandy objects, especially suitcases, backpacks and bags with a size larger than A4 size and thicker than 10 cm (including wheels, handles and front and side pockets) is not permitted.

Are you bringing a stroller/buggy to the event? Please inquire with a service staff member or security guard on site about storage options. The location varies per event and is an unguarded location and therefore entirely at your own risk.

The management is not liable for theft and / or the loss of items of clothing, etc.

Cloakroom Regulations


At Ahoy you can pay by (credit or debit)card. Paying cashless is possible with Maestro, VISA, of Mastercard.  We do not accept cash. 

Check with the organizer of an event which means of payment are accepted during the event.


Do you want to know where to find the parking? Or how the complex is set up? View our page with maps.



Rotterdam Ahoy is a non-smoking location. Smoking inside is strictly prohibited. Smoking, incl. E-smoking / vaping, is only allowed in the designated smoking areas outside. Ahoy reserves the right to remove visitors who smoke inside the building.



Ahoy has 2000 private parking spaces. To be ensured of a parking spot on event days it is possible to buy a parking ticket in advance. This guaranteed parking spot next to Ahoy costs €19,- and general parking costs €16,-. Buying a ticket in advance for general parking is not required.

Additionally, if you book a parking guarantee the barrier will open automatically when you leave the parking lot.

On the day of your event, the parking guarantee is valid from 5:00 AM to 5:00 AM the next day. For events that last the whole night, parking will be extended.

Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA

Book parking guarantee

Please note: Parking full? Show your ticket to the traffic coordinator and get access.

If the parking lot is full and you did not book a parking guarantee it is possible to park at Q-Park Zuidplein or another parking lot close by.


Charging electric car

It is not possible to charge electric cars in the Rotterdam Ahoy car park. 


Rotterdam Ahoy has several facilities for disabled visitors. These include an area for taxis in front of the main entrance which can also be used to drop off disabled visitors. There are also disabled parking spaces close to the main entrance (the parking fee is €16,- for and €19,- for a parking guarantee ticket). We have wheelchairs available free of charge at the porter’s lodge in Ahoy Plaza (please bring your ID as a security).

There is lift access throughout the venue. Our disabled toilet facilities are fitted with an alarm. We also have special seats available for people with disabilities.

If you would like to reserve a space in the marked wheelchair area in the Ahoy Arena, please let us know when purchasing your ticket. This area varies per event but is often a special platform for disabled visitors accompanied by one other guest. This guest must also have a ticket to the event and is responsible for the disabled visitor’s wellbeing.

Every disabled visitor can take place alongside one companion on the wheelchair platform. This person is primarily responsible for the welfare of the disabled person. The companion must also be in possession of an admission ticket. Users of the wheelchair spaces can enter the Ahoy Arena via the Arena entrance.

House rules

At Rotterdam Ahoy certain agreements and rules apply. As a result, we can do as much as possible to ensure a safe and pleasant visit for everyone in and around our accommodation. For that we ask for your cooperation.

View house rules


Certain agreements and rules apply at Rotterdam Ahoy. As a result, we can do as much as possible to offer everyone who is in and around our accommodation a safe and pleasant stay.

  • Ahoy employees are authorized to check coats and bags and, if necessary - in the opinion of the employee - to seize goods.
  • Ahoy can decide to carry out a (preventive) body search/visit.
  • You are obliged to identify yourself on request.
  • Ahoy uses camera surveillance and will make images available to third parties, including the judicial authorities, especially in the event of disturbances or accidents.
  • If necessary, Ahoy is entitled to clear the entire site.

Your ears

Your ears are important. We think so too. We therefore recommend visitors to concerts or events with loud music to bring hearing protection. 

When available, comfortable and unobtrusive black Alpine PLUG-it earplugs are available at all bars in Ahoy for €3.50. The earplugs fit in every ear. With Alpine PLUG-it you are well protected against loud noises or music and your ears will not be bothered after an event or night out. The earplugs are reusable and can therefore also be used at Ahoy after the event.

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