Food & Drinks

It goes without saying that no day or evening is complete without good food and drink. At Rotterdam Ahoy there are two restaurants where foodies can sit back and enjoy culinary delights before, during and/or after an event. Our caterers, also known as The Flavour of Ahoy, prepare superb snacks, culinary treats and healthy meals and we serve a wide choice of accompanying beverages.

Bar Restaurant Seventy One

Bar Restaurant Seventy One is now ready to serve you during events. A beautiful new bar with an excellent restaurant in the heart of our venue. With a diverse range of dishes & drinks. A blend of styles and flavours. For those who have a nice appetite or just want to chill. No-nonsense and premium quality. The taste of now. The taste of wow.

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Bar Restaurant Seventy One is open on event days. Not going to an event, but feel like having a bite to eat? Then you are also welcome at Bar Restaurant Seventy One!


Restaurant RiVers

Do you have little time, but fancy a fresh meal? Then visit Restaurant RiVers in Ahoy Plaza, a self-service restaurant with a diverse range of sandwiches, soups, hot dishes and desserts.

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Ahoy Arena

During events you will find many bars at the Ahoy Arena. With a broad product range of drinks, snacks and sweets.