House rules

Good that you take a look here. At Rotterdam Ahoy certain agreements and rules apply. As a result, we can do as much as possible to ensure a safe and pleasant stay for everyone who lives in and around our accommodation. For that we need your cooperation. Below you can read how we deal with the no smoking policy, liabilities, access to our building, the terrain and so on. Good to know!

These house rules apply to everyone who is in or on Ahoy grounds. Always follow the instructions of the Ahoy employees or of the authorized persons appointed by the management of Ahoy. In situations not provided for in these regulations, the management decides whether the persons appointed by the management of Ahoy.

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Visitors must park their car only in the designated parking spaces or on the designated parking spaces upon presentation of a valid parking permit. If this is not met, visitors risk that their car will be towed away. Costs for this are at the expense of visitors. The use of the designated parking space on the parking lot or expedition grounds is at your own risk. Ahoy accepts no liability for any damage, for whatever reason.


  • Access to the Ahoy complex is only possible on presentation of a valid admission ticket. Tickets already purchased can not be exchanged or returned.
  • Ahoy can decide to search / visit (preventively). Security guards of Ahoy and authorized persons designated for this purpose by the management of Ahoy are authorized to inspect jackets, bags, suitcases and everything they carry with them by means of a visitation and by private-law superficial affection of clothing, bags and possibly shoes, in order to if necessary - in the opinion of the employee or the designated authorized person - seizing unauthorized goods and objects.
  • For the independent visit of events (without supervision of an adult) Ahoy employs a minimum advisory age of 16 years. At night events, visitors under 18 do not have access.
  • Visitors are required to identify themselves on request.
  • It is not allowed to enter (parts of) halls or halls that are not part of the event, congress, fair, or which are not accessible to visitors.

In Ahoy

  • It is not allowed halls or halls that are not part of the event / congress / etc. that you visit, or parts of halls or halls that are obviously not accessible to the visiting public.
  • Do not block paths, exits, stairs or fire extinguishers.
  • Smoking, incl. E-smoking, is only allowed on the smoking spots indicated by Ahoy.
  • The trade in soft and hard drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Confiscated goods are not returned.
  • It is not allowed to bring and / or consume your own consumptions in the Ahoy complex.
  • Making photo, video or sound recordings is only permitted if the organizer of the event has given permission for this.
  • The use of a selfie stick at concerts is not allowed. For other events, the website of the event should be consulted.
  • The selling of goods and services and the making of advertising is exclusively reserved for Ahoy.
  • The distribution of leaflets and flyers in the building and in the immediate vicinity is not permitted unless Ahoy has given permission in writing.
  • Deposit your waste in the waste bins.
  • Do not cause hindrance.
  • Rotterdam Ahoy and organizers of events in the complete Ahoy complex are entitled to register visitors on image and / or sound carriers. These recordings can be used by Ahoy and the organizers without any further permission or compensation (in the form of money or otherwise) being due, provided that reasonable interest is not harmed.

Prohibited to take with you

Beverage (excluding water in plastic bottles of max. 0,5l without cap), other liquids, food, drugs, football shirts, provocative or face covering clothing, banners, cardboard / paper plates with inscription (up to a maximum size of A4 is allowed ), flags or flag poles thicker than 2 cm and longer than 1.5 meters, umbrellas / umbrellas, selfie sticks, professional cameras, film, sound, go pro devices and other image recording equipment (mobile phones of course).

Large objects

Het mee naar binnen nemen van grote en onhandige voorwerpen en met name van koffers, rugzakken en tassen met een omvang groter dan A4 formaat en dikker dan 10 cm (inclusief wieltjes, handvatten en voor- en zijvakken) is niet toegestaan. We raden u aan deze niet mee te brengen.


  • Employees of Ahoy are authorized to check coats and bags, and to confiscate goods - in the opinion of the employee - if necessary.
  • Ahoy can decide to search / visit (preventively).
  • You are required to identify yourself on request.
  • Ahoy uses camera surveillance and will, certainly in case of disturbances or accidents, provide images to third parties, including justice.
  • If there is a need for this, Ahoy is entitled to vacate the entire site.

No compensation

Visiting Ahoy is entirely at your own risk. Ahoy accepts no liability for any damage, for whatever reason. The use of the parking space is also at your own risk. Ahoy is not liable when an organizer decides to cancel an event.

Deny access, removal and penalty

The employees of Ahoy or the authorized persons appointed by the management of Ahoy are at all times authorized to refuse access to visitors to the house rules or to refuse entry or remove Ahoy in any other way. These visitors also owe Ahoy an immediately due and payable fine of 500 euros without prejudice to Ahoy's right to compensation. In addition, these visitors may be subject to an access prohibition for a fixed term. Ahoy can also claim compensation. Detected offenses are always reported directly to the police. The persons appointed by the management of Ahoy are authorized to make an arrest in such cases and to transfer the relevant person (s) to the police.

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