House rules

At Rotterdam Ahoy certain agreements and rules apply. As a result, we can do as much as possible to offer everyone who is in and around our accommodation a safe and pleasant stay. We need your cooperation for this.

Below we point out a number of company rules. Good to know! Upon entering Ahoy, you agree to and abide by these company rules. These company rules apply to everyone who is in or on the Ahoy site. Instructions from the employees of Ahoy or the authorized persons appointed by the management of Ahoy must always be followed. In situations not covered by these regulations, the Ahoy management or the persons appointed by the Ahoy management will have the final decision. Ahoy reserves the right to make changes to these company rules. Visitors are hereby encouraged to regularly study the company rules of Ahoy with regard to changes. If you want a total overview of our rules, download them below.

Download house rules


Visitors must only park their car in the parking spaces intended for this purpose, or in the designated parking spaces, and must show a valid parking ticket. If this is not met, visitors risk that their car will be towed away. The use of the designated parking space on the parking lot or expedition grounds is at your own risk. Ahoy accepts no liability for any damage, for whatever reason.


  • Access to the Ahoy complex is only possible on presentation of a valid admission ticket, or by another given authorisation by or on behalf of Ahoy. Any admission tickets that have been bought cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Ahoy can decide to conduct (preventative) frisking/body searches. Security guards of Ahoy and the authorized persons appointed by the management of Ahoy are entitled to inspect jackets, bags, suitcases, and all that one carries, by means of 'superficial frisk’ under private law of clothing, pockets and any shoes, in order to - if necessary in the opinion of the employee or the appointed authorized person - seize unauthorized goods and objects.
  • For the independent visit of events (without supervision of an adult) Ahoy applies a minimum advisory age of 16 years. At night events, visitors under 18 do not have access, unless otherwise mentioned by the organizer.
  • Visitors are required to identify themselves on request.
  • It is not allowed to enter (parts of) halls or rooms that are not part of the event, congress, fair, or which are not accessible to visitors.
  • In principle, visitors who leave Ahoy during an event are no longer given access.

In Ahoy

  • The items/goods that have been seized will be stored at the owner's risk until the end of the visit to Ahoy, unless the organizer of the event applies another policy, or if the items/goods are prohibited by law.
  • Do not block paths, exits, stairs or fire extinguishers.
  • Selling goods and services, making advertisements and distributing leaflets and flyers in the building and the immediate surroundings are not permitted unless Ahoy has given written permission.
  • Deposit your waste in the waste bins.
  • Do not cause hindrance and damage.
  • In Ahoy one can be exposed to noise levels above 80 dBA. Wearing hearing protection falls under your own responsibility. The Ahoy management recommends using hearing protection to prevent hearing damage.

Prohibited to take with you

  • Food and beverages;
  • Large and unhandy objects such as suitcases, backpacks and bags larger than A4 size and thicker than 10 cm (including wheels, handles and front and side pockets);
  • Dangerous items, including knives, glass and/or cans, weapons;
  • Soft- and harddrugs or alcohol;
  • Poisonous, easily inflammable, or easily explosive materials, fireworks;
  • In-line skates, scooters, bicycles, skates, skateboards, etc.;
  • Animals/pets, with the exception of a guide dog;
  • (Sports)club-affiliated and provocative or face-covering clothes;
  • Banners, cardboard/paper boards with inscription (up to a maximum of A4 size is allowed), flags or flagpoles thicker than 2 cm and longer than 1.5 m;
  • Professional photo, video or audio recording equipment;
  • All other items that can result in danger to health, safety or public order.


  • Ahoy uses 24-hour camera surveillance and will, certainly in the event of disturbances or accidents, make images/recordings available to third parties, including judicial authorities.
  • Visitors who are present in or on the Ahoy site must inform themselves of the escape routes, which must be used in the event of an emergency.
  • Ahoy will be entitled to evacuate the entire site if this is necessary.

No compensation

Visiting and parking in Ahoy takes place entirely at one's own risk. Ahoy does not accept any liability for whatsoever damage on whatsoever basis. Ahoy will not be responsible should the organizer decide to cancel the event.

Deny access, removal and penalty

  • Ahoy employees or authorized persons appointed by the Ahoy management will at any time be entitled to, without given reason, refuse admission or remove visitors from Ahoy, who do not comply with the company rules, or who in any other manner whatsoever causes nuisance or annoyance by their behaviour.
  • These visitors will furthermore owe Ahoy an immediately due and payable financial penalty of 500 euros without prejudice to the right of Ahoy to compensation. In addition, an admission ban can be imposed on these visitors for a specific duration.
  • Any criminal acts observed will always be reported to the police immediately. The persons appointed by Ahoy management will be entitled in such cases to make an arrest and to transfer the person(s) concerned to the police.

Photo, video, audio and other recordings

  • Making photo, video, audio and other recordings is only permitted if the organizer of the event has provided permission for this.
  • The use of a 'selfie stick’ is not permitted during concerts.
  • Visitors' data can be processed in the entire Ahoy complex, such as registering (with camera) an event for commercial or security purposes. Upon entering Ahoy, the visitor is always informed of such processing and such data will not be shared with third parties without permission, insofar this can reasonably be obtained, unless it is necessary for the provision of services and/or for compliance with a statutory obligation.

Statutory regulations

  • The possession and use of and the trade in soft- and harddrugs is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking, including E-smoking, is only permitted in the smoking areas indicated for this.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 years are not permitted to buy and/or consume alcohol in and on the Ahoy site.
  • Furthermore, visitors aged 18 years or older are not permitted to sell/provide alcohol to visitors under the age of 18 years. Visitors aged between 18 - 25 years will be obliged to get a stamp from Ahoy employees appointed for this purpose on showing their proof of identity and when Ahoy bar employees ask for this, to show their stamp and/or proof of identity.
  • It is prohibited to enter or be present in Ahoy when intoxicated.
  • Ahoy processes personal data including camera images of its visitors in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Respecting the neighbourhood

  • Visitors to Ahoy are requested to take the surroundings into consideration:
  • Not to park "anywhere” but to use the parking facilities indicated for this purpose.
  • Not to urinate in public places but to use the sanitary facilities present.
  • To respect the property of the local residents and to not disturb their sleep.
  • Not to leave litter in and around Ahoy, but to deposit rubbish in the waste bins present for this purpose on and around the Ahoy site.