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On this page you will find more information about the different rooms. You can also view our floor plans. This way you easily know where you need to be.

Overview Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy consists of several areas. The most famous is the Ahoy Arena, where the greatest artists and sports heroes perform. Rotterdam Ahoy also has six Exhibition & Event Halls. You might know them from large events such as the North Sea Jazz Festival where all areas are in use. Or you might have had a meeting in our Congress & Meeting Centre.

All areas are connected via Ahoy Plaza. So you can walk from one place to another.

floor plan of the spaces

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Overview Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

The RACC opened its doors in 2020. This brand new convention centre is built for the most diverse (business) events.

2nd floor RACC

3rd floor RACC

Ahoy Arena

This is the iconic place that made Ahoy famous. World stars like Jennifer Lopez, U2 and Justin Bieber performed here. And coming years many more famous feet will enter the stage. The Ahoy Arena can accommodate up to 16,500 music lovers. It's called an Arena for a reason, many sport events take place here. At the highest level! The Ahoy Arena can quicly be transformed from a nightclub into a tennis court.

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RTM Stage

In autumn 2020, Rotterdam Ahoy has opened another impressive stage on its premises. When the doors of RTM Stage opened, a brand-new concert hall with a capacity of 7,842 people, truly Ahoy Arena’s (cap. 16,424) little brother. Apart from a concert hall, RTM Stage is also a beautiful theatre with flexible stands which can transform the hall into a 2,816 seats intimate room. Perfect for theatre plays, seated concerts, cabaret and more.

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