Our story

We are the place that you associate with an experience for a while, or even forever. We are event professionals with a mission: to build the conditions and services that elevate your experience & perception to the highest level. With our permanent event experts and flexible employees, we welcome 2,300,000 visitors each year.

We are also the venue that is very well known among the 'biggest on earth' since 1971. We offer a base for international artists, top sports professionals, politicians and celebrities. But we are also the people of Rotterdam. Proud residents of a global city that is constantly being rediscovered by visitors from all over the world. A city in which we have been building business, fun and happiness together for more than 50 years. Rotterdam Ahoy. Built for experiences.

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We consider Rotterdam Ahoy to be the very best stage for positive experiences; where pleasure, creativity, development and success are always in the spotlight. Our highest aim: From satisfied visitors and contacts to 'ambassadors' for our brand, allowing us to offer genuine enrichment and also guarantee continuity and sustainable growth in a venue on a global scale. 

Rotterdam Ahoy is in the unique position of being able to call upon a rich tradition that has been created by our own people. Continuous innovation enables us to respect our heritage. We invest in people, in collaboration and creation. We believe in the clarity of the Rotterdam people. In getting things done. In results. From ourselves and everyone else who is helping us build our today and tomorrow, we expect nothing less than excellence. Our highest aim is to create visitors and contacts whose expectations are exceeded, and guarantee continuity and sustainable growth.


We offer everyone, in as many ways as possible, a positive experience, because at Rotterdam Ahoy we believe that these experiences, large and small, enrich your life.

For more than 50 years, Rotterdam Ahoy has been creating the top location for large and small, but also one of a kind experiences that inspire you, get you moving and enrich your life. With our people and our venue, we quite literally bring worlds together. As residents of Rotterdam, we are grounded in the 'now' but also have a unique outlook on the requirements for the future in the events industry and the conference market. We work tirelessly centre-stage and behind-the-scenes, on creating the best memories for you. We look forward to welcoming you.


At Rotterdam Ahoy, we live in the here and now but are constantly thinking about the future, a sustainable future. A future in a healthy, beautiful and green city. So that our future generations can also enjoy all the beauty we have to offer. Sustainable ambitions cannot be achieved alone. Rotterdam Ahoy is building the future together with partners and stakeholders in various ways.

We are part of the EU Ruggedised project and invest in sustainable solutions for our facilities. If you want to know more about the sustainable solutions within our organisation, check out the Rotterdam Ahoy Sustainability Floorplan. Also, take a look at our Sustainability Brochure.

Ahoy Productions

Professionalism. Experience. Inspiration & Creativity. And the drive to make it an unparalleled success. These are the essential elements for organising an event.

Small-scale or for the public at large, whether it is a product presentation or a new trade-fair, it all begins with the idea and ends with perfect execution. Rotterdam Ahoy offers event organisers support in every phase of the development and production of events. View our productions here.

We own a high touch in house event productions label. Our skilled event experts organise successful events such as the ABN AMRO Open, InfraTech and Europort. Rotterdam Ahoy produces around 20 events, in partnership or independently. Contact us for the options for your event. Call 010-293 3212 or mail sales@ahoy.nl


Our values

We aim to impressWith boundless energy and uniqueness, day after day
We breathe hospitalityAn honest and excellent service, everywhere and always
We are RotterdamSober and with courage, we create unforgettable experiences