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As the second largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam increasingly appears on must-visit lists, also for business visitors. The port of Rotterdam is the hub of Europe’s largest maritime cluster, but the City on the Maas also operates at a global level in other sectors, such as Clean Tech, Life Sciences & Health, Energy, Agro-food, Transport & Logistics and Finance. Rotterdam offers great diversity through many internationally recognised knowledge institutes, a thriving international business community, world-class culture and architecture and a wealth of leisure activities. Rotterdam offers its residents and visitors everything in one! Rotterdam is easy to reach for international visitors, and the compactness of the city makes Rotterdam an attractive conference destination.

FACT# Medical & life sciences, food, transport & logistics, maritime and cleantech are the city's economic spearheads.

Why Conference City Rotterdam

Rotterdam continues to grow as a business destination and conference city. It is a young, dynamic world city that continues to renew itself at a rapid pace. Its impressive skyline provides an international and awe-inspiring feeling. The excellent public transport system shows the city’s hospitality and makes getting to your destination quick and easy. Due to the central location of the convention centre, the RACC is the perfect choice for those who want to combine business with leisure. Your guests can get a taste of Rotterdam’s culture, architecture, bars, restaurants and nightlife during their stay. You and your guests will have a fantastic time in this beautiful, modern city.

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Rotterdam has a large hotel selection to suit every taste and price range. Your delegates have plenty of accommodation to choose from near the RACC. The hotels are mostly situated to the north of the complex, near the old centre of Rotterdam and on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas river. These hotels are, therefore, perfectly located close to major roads and the Rotterdam city centre. And in Q3 2023, a new hotel will open right next to Rotterdam Ahoy. Rotterdam also boasts a wide variety of excellent restaurants.

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The Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

The Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC) is a convention centre in the heart of Rotterdam-Zuid. The convention centre is perfect for a corporate event in any setting be it a small business meeting or a large international conference. Read more about the RACC here:

Why the RACC?


Rotterdam Make It Happen

As part of the alliance 'Rotterdam. Make It Happen', Rotterdam Ahoy contributes to the widely supported city mentality. Together with more than 30 partners, we put the city on the map and convey the typical Rotterdam mentality, which can be captured in words such as enterprising, raw, and international. Worldly, pioneering, no-nonsense. They form the foundation of 'Rotterdam. Make It Happen'.


  • 630,000 residents
  • 170 nationalities
  • Originated in 1270
  • City rights since 1340
  • 1st port in Europe, ranking 9th in the world
  • 2nd conference city in The Netherlands
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