As Rotterdam Ahoy we live in the present but we’re always looking ahead - towards the future, a sustainable future. A future in a healthy, attractive, green city. Where coming generations can also enjoy the fine things we have to offer. When it comes to sustainability, you can’t realise all your ambitions on your own. Rotterdam Ahoy is working together with its partners and stakeholders in a range of projects to build a better future.


We are part of the EU-project Ruggedised and we invest in sustainable solutions in our accommodation Are you curious about the total amount of solutions within our organisation? Please check the Map Sustainability Rotterdam Ahoy.

Rotterdam Ahoy

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A few examples:


  • Rotterdam Ahoy contributes to reducing greenhouse gases by being completely gasless. Moreover Ahoy has a moss sedum roof of 1713 m2 on the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC). This roof has a CO2-reducing effect; 300 m2 already compensates for 1 ton of CO2 or a realisation of 5.71 tonnes of compensation. It also increases the insulation value of the RACC, so less energy is needed for heating and cooling.
  • Solar panels (2562 on the roof of Exhibition and Event Hall 1 and the office complex and 2880 on the Convention Centre) supply a quarter of Ahoy’s total annual power requirement.
  • Ahoy is a partner in the realisation of an urban water buffer or reservoir on its grounds. This system will collect, retain and purify rainwater underground. In periods of drought, the water can be used for things like washing our windows and floors.
  • During several concerts plastic cups are collected, 'from cup to cup’. At De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE 2022 5.680 kg of plastic was collected for re-use.

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