25 May 2024

Rend Collective - Campfire Tour Europe

Ten years ago, Rend Collective decided to record a special album. Existing and new songs were recorded on a beach around a campfire. The result was "Campfire"; worship music that goes back to the basics and therefore enters you intimately and directly. Now, ten years later, the Northern Irish worship band celebrates the anniversary of this album in a very appropriate way: with their friends, at a campfire. Rend Collective is also bringing this 'Campfire Tour' to the Netherlands and Belgium! On May 25, 2024, they will play at RTM Stage in Rotterdam.

Innovation in worship music

If someone asks you to name a group that brings innovation in worship music, you can safely name Rend Collective. The group started small in Northern Ireland but, thanks to infectious enthusiasm and equally infectious music, grew into a band that gets stadiums moving. The Netherlands was an early fan; the group played several times on Dutch stages including the Flevo Festival and the EO Jongerendag. Their Campfire tour, however, lets you experience the band as it was in those early days. Rend Collective has since become one of the most musically refreshing, diverse and downright best bands in the worship genre. Their songs are sung worldwide, such as "Build Your Kingdom Here" and "My Lighthouse" (in the Netherlands "Build Your Kingdom" and "God of Light").

During "Campfire" night, the group actually builds a campfire on stage and the gathering is all about uninhibited worship. Back to basics with familiar and new songs. And Rend Collective wouldn't be Rend Collective if they didn't bring a motley mix of instruments to do so. Be there, because this will be an evening that will put a smile on your face for a long time to come!

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