Coming to Rotterdam Ahoy? Whether you come to Ahoy by car, by bicycle or by public transport: you will find us easily. Rotterdam Ahoy is ideally located on the highway, at the Zuidplein metro and bus stop and a short distance from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Public Transport

Bus, metro & train

5 min. walk

Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible by bus, metro, and train. From the Zuidplein bus and metro station, it's just a 5-minute walk to Ahoy!

Plan your journey in advance using the trip planners of NS and RET, or use 9292. Are you attending an evening event? Plan your trip carefully to ensure you can get home afterward.

Plan your route

New! You can now easily check in and out with your bank card on both the metro and the train. Read more about OVpay here.


By bike

Do you live in Rotterdam or the surrounding area? Come by bike! It's healthy, easy, and sustainable. You can conveniently park your bike in our free (unsupervised) bike parking area at the front of Ahoy.

Are you arriving by train and want to travel further from Rotterdam Central Station? Try a shared bike or scooter! Rotterdam has many providers, and you'll always find some available at major arrival locations. Check the apps and websites of all providers. Be sure to check the drop-off location beforehand: for some events, you may not be able to park directly at the entrance. Check!

Plan your route

By car

Own parking

You can reach Rotterdam Ahoy via the Rotterdam South Ring (A15). If there are any special conditions or roadworks, this is often indicated on the Rotterdam Ahoy website. Before you get in the car, always check vanAnaarBeter or Rotterdam Onderweg to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

With over 2,000 parking spaces, Ahoy offers plenty of room for parking your car. We are also working on a large parking garage to provide even more space in the future. Parking at Ahoy costs €19 per event day. Our parking spaces are accessible via Entrance West and Entrance North. Using Entrance West generally allows for the quickest parking.

Do you want to be assured of a parking spot upon arrival? Reserve in advance. This guarantees access to the parking area, even if the signs in the area indicate "FULL." A parking guarantee ticket is valid on the event day from 9:00 AM until 5:00 AM the next day.


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By taxi

Do you want to take a taxi ride? There is a taxi stand at the Forecourt of Ahoy. Here, certified taxis from Rotterdam taxi companies are waiting for you. During large-scale events, there are often dozens of taxis already lined up; ordering is often unnecessary, and you can simply get in.

Are you ordering an UBER or a Bolt? These usually wait at Twentestraat. Be sure to check in advance where you will be picked up. On busy days, these types of ordered transportation cannot wait at our Forecourt.

Rotterdam Ahoy

Ahoyweg 10
3084BA Rotterdam