25 February 2023

Panic! At The Disco: Viva Las Vengeance Tour 2023

Panic! At The Disco returns to the Netherlands with the VIVA LAS VENGEANCE TOUR. The upbeat, driving, anthemic title track kicks off the new era of Panic! At The Disco. VIVA LAS VENGEANCE shows a change in process for frontman/songwriter Brendon Urie.

The cinematic musical journey is about the fine line between taking advantage of your youth, seizing the day and burning out. The songs take an introspective look into his relationship with his decade plus career including growing up in Las Vegas, love, and fame. From each ticket €1 will go to the band’s Highest Hopes Foundation, a fund which supports organizations that advocate support for human rights for all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.


Special guest: Fletcher

Restaurant 71

Opened from 16:30 until 20:00

Enjoy various tasty dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Reservations are recommended.

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