23 March 2024

Hef: Eindelijk Ahoy

The title of the show actually says it all: Finally Ahoy. The Rotterdam rap icon has been an integral part of the industry for over fifteen years, so now it's time for the biggest show of his career to date.  Hef grew up in Rotterdam's Hoogvliet neighborhood where he became the familiar face of the neighborhood in one fell swoop in 2008 through the music video for his first track Puur. This title is all-encompassing for Hef's career, his music is raw, barbaric, straightforward and always from the heart.

Unique rap style

In 2019, Hef even broke a record by becoming the first Dutch artist to reach two number one positions in the Album Top 100. He did this with the albums Tranen and Koud. In addition, the rap veteran landed in the global Spotify top ten list this year with his tenth album Hefvermogen 2. From one of his most listened to albums 'Koud' to his most recent album 'Hefvermogen 2' all of the albums are undoubtedly brought from his unique rap style.  Besides being a rap sensation, Hef is also known as host of the much listened to Rookworst Podcast, the monthly podcast where he invites rappers from all corners of the country for interesting conversations about hip-hop, there is a lot of laughter but serious topics are also discussed. In the most recent episode, Hef already manages to give a sneak peak about the upcoming show. In 2022, Hef released his autobiography Puur. In the book, Hef takes the reader through his personal story and the course of his career in a way that only Hef can do.


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