16 & 17 November 2024

De Mega Sint Show 2024

Big news in 2024! The spectacular Mega Sint Show makes a glorious comeback at RTM Stage with a brand new 8th edition. Sinterklaas, Party Piet Pablo and Love Piet promise an unforgettable spectacle, during which they will perform their biggest hits, including Pietenliefde and De Pieten Sinterklaas Move. Despite the festive spirit, ​Mr. van Driel casts a shadow over the celebration by his attempts to disrupt the party. This year, however, he seems to be going even further than ever before. Can we still look forward to a carefree Sinterklaas party, and will the children actually receive their desired presents on 5 December?

Enchanting Sinterklaas party

Be enchanted by the magic of the Sinterklaas celebration and experience this breathtaking event in the heart of Rotterdam, Ahoy. Rotterdam will be central to the celebration of Sinterklaas in 2024 with the return of the Mega Sint Show. Don't miss this unique experience and quickly buy your tickets for a party that will enchant young and old. Enjoy an enchanting mix of music, dance and adventure and make this Sinterklaas celebration an unforgettable memory for the whole family.

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