The summer event season can take off in The Netherlands!

11 June 2021

The Dutch cabinet has announced that it will ​release strict Covid-regulations at the end of June, so that the summer season for the events that are still planned can largely continue, mainly based on and thanks to the research results of Fieldlab Events, the National Event Plan. ​This means that events will become possible again, when using Testing for Access / the Coronacheck app, even with 100% visitor capacity and letting go of the 1.5 meter distance measure! 

Until the 28th of July there are some restrictions: no overnight events at the event location and a maximum of 25,000 visitors per day. These restrictions will also expire on July 29. Capacity restrictions will no longer apply for multi-day events with overnight stays on location from 29 July and people can be admitted based on the national app (i.e. with vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or valid (rapid) test).

Jolanda Jansen on behalf of the Alliance of Event Builders: "During the practical tests in the recent months we have seen that the people in The Netherlands are yearning for events. That is why we are extremely happy with this decision made by the cabinet, which makes a lot more possible. The sector is eager to make the summer a unforgettable one. Hopefully we can put a big end to this period, but not without thanks and appreciation to the Fieldlab team for the hard work, and above all for the meaningful and crucial contribution to the solution for our sector.”

Riemer Rijpkema, spokesperson for Eventplatform: "It is great that there is clarity for the market. We can now prepare and organize and communicate clearly what is possible. That is not only for the organizations, but also for the participants and visitors of the business conferences and trade fairs it is a nice boost for the summer, which we can enter with confidence and then open completely again from the end of August, September.”

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