The slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is 'Open Up’

25 October 2019

The slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is 'Open Up’. The slogan and the underlying theme are the basis for all creative choices that are made around the three live shows and the event in Rotterdam next year. The 65th Eurovision Song Contest takes place exactly 40 years after the Netherlands last hosted the contest.

We have looked for a theme and slogan that reflect what the Netherlands stands for and which the Dutch can identify with; a country with an open mind to the world, where we speak our mind, with respect for each other. We also found it important to choose a theme that reflects the spirit of our times. People are concerned about increasing polarization and freedom isn’t as self-evident for everyone as it should be.

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer Event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

With the slogan 'Open Up' we warmly invite people to open up to others, to different opinions, each other's stories and of course to each other's music.
The theme and the slogan, together the 'creative foundation’ for the organizers, were developed in co-creation with a diverse group of Dutch people in tight collaboration with the creative team behind the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. "This theme was created after holding workshops with dozens of people from the creative sector and street conversations with ordinary people from all over the Netherlands. By doing so, we aimed to develop a widely supported theme and at the same time show Europe and the world that in the Netherlands, we do things together,” Bakker emphasizes.
The Eurovision Song Contest was established ten years after the Second World War to bring Europe closer together through music. In recent decades, the competition has continuously opened itself up to new countries, new talent and new technology. In 2020, the 65th edition will take place in Rotterdam, 75 years after the liberation of the Netherlands and 80 years after a devastating bombardment of the city. "Welcoming as many as 200 million viewers from Europe and the world to the Netherlands and Rotterdam makes this occasion very special to us," Bakker says. "The slogan 'Open Up’ is intentionally incomplete: Open up to each other. Open up to music. Open up to Rotterdam. Open up to... whatever you choose! Feel the freedom to complete the slogan in your own way. That way we get to know each other better!”

’Open Up’ is the perfect slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest as it celebrates its 65th edition. In 1956 only 7 countries could watch the competition and since then we have opened up to the whole of Europe, to Australia and now, via streaming, to the whole world.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)


The values of the Eurovision Song Contest are of universality and inclusivity and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music. Now we can add a new one - that of openness. It’s a strong message for our current times and one I know NPO, NOS and AVROTROS will embrace for next year’s show.”


The matching artwork for the Eurovision Song Contest is currently being developed and is expected to be revealed later this year.
In August it was announced that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 would take place in Rotterdam. The Semi-Finals will be held on Tuesday, 12th of May and Thursday, 14th of May, the Grand Final on Saturday, 16th of May, all coming live from the Ahoy arena. Tickets are expected to go on sale before the holidays. The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the Netherlands is a collaboration between NPO, NOS and AVROTROS, in co-production with the EBU.

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