Second wave ticket sales Eurovision Song Contest 2020 starts January 30 at 12 noon

27 January 2020

The second wave of ticket sales for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will start on Thursday 30 January at 12 noon. Through the official sales channels (for the Netherlands) and (international), tickets for a total of nine shows are being sold in Rotterdam Ahoy.

After the official draw on coming Tuesday January 28 it will be clear which countries will take part in which Semi-Final. On January 30 we will again offer people the chance to get tickets for one of the shows, including a number of coveted standing places for the Grand Final. A third round with the last available tickets will follow at the end of March

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer Event at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Tickets and prices

Tickets for nine Eurovision shows are again available in the second round of ticket sales:

1st Semi-Final

  • 1st Semi-Final Jury show, Monday evening May 11, show start at 9:00 PM
  • 1st Semi-Final Family show, Tuesday afternoon, May 12, start show at 3:00 PM
  • 1st Semi-Final LIVE show, Tuesday evening May 12, start show at 9:00 PM

2nd Semi-Final

  • 2nd Semi-Final Jury show, Wednesday evening May 13, start show at 9:00 PM
  • 2nd Semi-Final Family show, Thursday afternoon May 14, show start at 3:00 PM
  • 2nd Semi-Final LIVE show, Thursday evening May 14, show start at 9:00 PM

GRAND Final:

  • GRAND Final Jury show, Friday evening May 15, start show at 9:00 PM
  • GRAND Final Family show, Saturday afternoon May 16, show start at 1:30 PM
  • GRAND Final LIVE show, Saturday evening May 16, show start at 9:00 PM

The Jury and Family shows are full shows. With presentation, opening and interval acts and the performances of the participants. Only the announcement of the results is missing in these dress rehearsals. The prices in this 2nd ticket round vary from € 23.50 for a Family Show of a Semi-Final to € 258.50 for (standing) tickets at the so-called Grand Final on Saturday evening. The price level of the tickets is close to the 2012 (Düsseldorf) and 2016 (Stockholm) editions and tickets are considerably cheaper than last year in Tel Aviv.


The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has the ambition to make the event inclusive and accessible to the widest possible audience and is working on various initiatives to ensure that people with various limitations can follow and participate in the shows well. These initiatives can be found on
Wheelchair tickets are still available for almost all shows (with the exception of the Grand Final shows). Tickets for wheelchair seats can be reserved by phone from +31 (0) 20 225 1116 from Thursday January 30 at noon.

To ensure that people with a visual or auditory impairment can follow the show as well as possible, we will offer various facilities in the room so that they can experience the show as well as possible. These tickets are still available for all shows. More information about how to order these tickets can be found at


Official sales channels

The official sales channels are (for the Netherlands) and (international). The Songfestival organization strongly recommends that everyone only buy tickets through these channels. Together with ticket partner Paylogic, everything is being done to prevent tickets from being resold for unfair prices. Tickets are sold by name and this is checked randomly at the entrance of Ahoy. If the name does not match, access to the show will be denied. In the unlikely event that a visitor cannot purchase the tickets after purchase, the tickets can be safely offered through the official resale platform Ticketswap.

Second round

The first round of ticket sales with so-called Early Bird tickets (€ 5 discount) were sold out within an hour in December. The second round of ticket sales for the Eurovision Song Contest starts on January 30 at 12.00. Anyone who has clicked on the link to the order screen on Thursday, January 30 before 12:00, will receive a random place in the queue at exactly 12:00 by draw. There is no queue number on screen, the system will automatically put you in the queue. Anyone who clicks on the link after 12:00 p.m. closes at the end of the line. Being ready a day in advance does not result in a place in the front of the queue (!). A third round with the last available tickets will follow in mid-March.


Part of the Ahoy Arena is used for the production of the three spectacular TV shows. Relatively much space is needed for the stage, technology, the Green Room (for the participating artists) and the commentators.

For the Eurovision Song Contest, the total capacity in Ahoy is 65,000 people, spread over nine shows. More than two-thirds of these tickets are available to the public and fans. During the first round of sales in December, a large part of these tickets went on sale. Tickets for all nine shows will be available again on January 30. And in this round there are also coveted standing places for the Grand Final and the so-called limited viewing places for sale (at the side of the stage, the LED screen cannot be seen in its entirety).

For the 1st and 2nd Semi Final the following prices apply *:

The following prizes apply to the Grand Final *:


* Prices include € 3.50 service charge per ticket

** Wheelchair tickets - from Thursday January 30 at 12.00 - can only be booked by telephone on: +31 20 225 1116. One wheelchair user can take one companion. The aforementioned ticket prices are per person, an admission ticket must be purchased for both the wheelchair user and the companion.

Prices for people with an auditory or visual impairment correspond to the prices for tickets on ring 2.

The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the Netherlands is a collaboration between NPO, NOS and AVROTROS, in co-production with the EBU.

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