10 July 2019

Rotterdam aims for a grand Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Today Rotterdam submitted the bid book for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 to the project organization (NPO, AVROTROS and NOS) in the Netherlands. The content is still confidential but local filmmakers show a glimpse of what Rotterdam has to offer and what can be expected from Rotterdam as a host city: Rotterdam for Real

Vice-mayor Said Kasmi (education, culture and tourism): "Rotterdam is the most international city in the Netherlands and a beautiful location for the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. An experienced city hosting top events, but even more important: everyone here is ready to turn the Eurovision Song Contest into a great party where everybody is welcome."

Rotterdam for Real
The bid book is called: Rotterdam for Real and was drawn up by the city of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Partners. The title refers on one hand to the match of the program of requirements and what the city has to offer, on the other hand to the residents and entrepreneurs who create the city and are happy to show it to visitors.

The ESC 2020 in Rotterdam Ahoy will be celebrated as a national party. It will offer a stage for top international and up-and-coming talent for the entire city. Publication of the bid book will take place in consultation with the project organization.

Check out the Rotterdam for Real-movie below.

Jolanda Jansen (director Ahoy): "In our almost fifty years of existence, Rotterdam Ahoy hosted many wonderful, international events. We are convinced that Ahoy and the Eurovision Song Contest are a perfect fit.”

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