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Rotterdam Ahoy presents new conference label at IBTM World in Barcelona

29 november 2016

Rotterdam Conferences to serve international conferences market

Rotterdam Ahoy is preparing for the opening of its new conference centre in 2019. The organisation has developed a new conference label, 'Rotterdam Conferences’, under which banner it will be approaching clients in the national and international conferences segments. Its focus: to raise enthusiasm about Rotterdam as a host city for conferences, as Rotterdam has a great deal to offer as a destination, and Ahoy has all the facilities you could ask for. Ahoy launched its conference label at the international trade fair IBTM World in Barcelona.

Gert-Jan van den Nieuwenhoff, Rotterdam Ahoy’s General Manager B2B: "Ahoy is mainly known as a venue for numerous conferences, trade fairs and sports events. In the period ahead, we will be adding international conferences to this range. When selecting a conference location, one of the leading considerations is the city it is found in. Our new conference label tells the story of the city of Rotterdam and the conference location. The total package, in other words. We want to make the conference organisers’ life easier, and we have huge faith in the potential of the city and our conference centre. After all, there’s a reason why Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second conference city after the Dutch capital. With the opening of the new conference building, this position will only be strengthened further.”

Expansion of the Rotterdam Conferences associations sales team
In anticipation of the existing building’s expansion in the near future, Rotterdam Ahoy has also expanded its specialised sales team. Hetty Thijssen, who already has some 12 years of experience working for Ahoy, has been joined by two new team members: Shirley Breuren, with nearly 20 years of experience in the Conferences sector - working for MCI Amsterdam, among other organisations - and conference researcher Rashida Ishaak.

Area development and start of construction
The area around Ahoy will be given a major facelift, which will transform it into Rotterdam’s second city centre. As part of this large-scale area development, Ahoy will be undergoing an extensive renovation, as well as a substantial expansion in the shape of a new international conference location: the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre. The new conference centre will have 35 rooms and halls, and an auditorium that seats 2,750 people. It will be integrated in Ahoy’s existing structure. The Ahoy site also provides room for the development of a new 250-room hotel. In addition, connections in the area will be significantly upgraded in terms of quality and user-friendliness - the public transport hub for underground and bus connections will be given an overhaul, for example. All in all, the area development involves an investment of some € 200 million. In early 2017, construction on the new conference centre will start at the front of Ahoy.


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