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20 december 2017

Rotterdam Ahoy’s new neighbour will be Pathé, which is opening its 29th multiplex in the Netherlands. The arrival of the large cinema complex at the new Ahoy Square will provide a huge boost to Zuid’s entertainment offerings.

The cinema to be constructed is expected to draw more than one million visitors per year. Construction will commence in 2019, and the multiplex is scheduled to be opened in 2020. This will allow Pathé to make a significant contribution to a bustling city centre in Rotterdam’s Zuid neighbourhood. "This is the next step in our effort to be innovative,” said Pathé’s Managing Director, Dertje Meijer. "We are glad that we, Pathé, can contribute to the sustainable development of the Hart van Zuid area. This location is providing Pathé with new opportunities to offer even more special experiences.”

Thanks to the EU’s Smart City RUGGEDISED programme, Hart van Zuid will undergo an energy transition in the next few years, as well, with regard to renovating both a public transport hub and the various buildings. In practical terms, this means that the RUGGEDISED ambitions will be incorporated into the design and construction and so will contribute to maximum energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

Design with international grandeur
The new cinema will be a special building. Pi de Bruijn, an architect and partner with Cie who is known for designing a circular building called Circl at Amsterdam’s Zuidas, was asked to design a building with international grandeur. "The architects are very keen on realising one of the gems of Hart van Zuid here,” said De Bruijn, who is also known for designing the building for the Dutch parliament in The Hague and the new wing of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw concert hall.

A new and bustling city centre
Apart from the new cinema, the Business & Entertainment district in Hart van Zuid will comprise an international conference centre featuring a pop music stage (an extension of Ahoy’s accommodation facilities), a hotel, several restaurants and additional parking. The cinema will constitute a new attraction, situated between the Zuidplein Mall, Ahoy and Zuiderpark. Due to its location, Pathé will have additional opportunities to collaborate with other parties in the entertainment world, for instance by using one of its screens as a side-event associated with whatever act is playing at Rotterdam Ahoy, e.g. showing a live stream of the North Sea Jazz Festival. What with all the new features being added to Hart van Zuid, there will soon be something for everyone - films, concerts, food, swimming, you name it. In the future, Zuid will have it all.

Pathé’s plan was embraced by both the Rotterdam municipal authorities, Rotterdam Ahoy and the Hart van Zuid project team. "Pathé’s proposal fits beautifully into the Hart van Zuid area development, both in terms of programming and in terms of the design of the building,” said Wouter van de Braak, the Commercial Director of the Hart van Zuid project team. "In addition, the construction of the cinema will create quite a few new jobs. Partly because of Pathé itself, but also because of the features that will follow in the cinema’s wake.”

Hart van Zuid, the development of the area around Rotterdam Ahoy, Zuidplein and their surroundings, is a metropolitan project in which the city is investing a great deal. Hart van Zuid is expected to grow into a fully fledged city centre in Rotterdam Zuid, where people can live, work, do business and relax in a pleasant environment.


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