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Construction of Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre and RTM Stage has officially begun

30 may 2018

Construction of Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre and RTM Stage has officially begun

Rotterdam Ahoy is preparing for a major expansion


In January 2021, Rotterdam Ahoy will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening. This milestone will be celebrated in the new multi-purpose building the Rotterdam event venue is about to construct, which is scheduled to open to the public in late 2020. The commencement of the construction work will be celebrated on Sunday, 15 July, on Day 3 of the NN North Sea Jazz Festival. No sooner will the festival be over than the pile-driving and construction will commence. The work will be carried out during the quiet summer months, so as to prevent events hosted by Ahoy from being negatively affected. During the construction period, Rotterdam Ahoy will continue to be able to be hired as usual and any inconvenience caused to visitors will be minimised to the maximum extent possible.


Starting from late 2020, Rotterdam Ahoy will have a wonderful new entrance building, consisting of 35 rooms that can be subdivided and enlarged as well as RTM Stage, the Netherlands’ largest auditorium/ theatre, whose seating capacity will be 2,750. These seats will be able to be removed, thus allowing the room to be used for concerts, large events and trade fairs, as well.


New temporary entrance

Ahoy will be extended at the front, meaning Ahoy will get a new front door, so to speak. After the North Sea Jazz Festival, the current main entrance (which is where the box offices are located) will be demolished and replaced with a new entrance. This will be a temporary but high-quality entrance.


Trade fair and event rooms make-over

Since last summer, the trade fair and event rooms have been given a thorough make-over. For instance, the outer walls of Rooms 2 and 4 were moved, thus creating 1,200 m2 additional floor space. In addition, new catering buffet tables and toilets were installed, and the rooms were equipped with dimmable LED lights. New curtains were installed, and the existing partition walls were replaced with new, more modern-looking walls. The old HVAC units were replaced by new sustainable technology, which will reduce Ahoy’s energy consumption and increase visitor comfort levels.


Hart van Zuid

The renovation of the trade fair and event rooms and the construction of the new conference centre are part of the Hart van Zuid development of the area around Rotterdam Ahoy, Zuidplein and their surroundings, a high-quality metamorphosis designed to create a lively new centre in Rotterdam-Zuid. The newly-to-be-built area is intended to be a place where people can hang out and where locals, visitors and entrepreneurs will all feel right at home. The area development project will create considerable added value, for Rotterdam in general and for Rotterdam-Zuid in particular: better shops, more jobs and improved facilities.


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