6 & 7 April 2024

HYROX Rotterdam 2024

HYROX is a mix of running and functional strength exercises, where the goal is to complete a full series as quickly as possible. At a HYROX event, all participants do the same exercises on the same course. HYROX was inspired by millions of athletes around the world who consider functional fitness their "sport. Until now, there has been no measurable competition, but HYROX addresses that and gives fitness enthusiasts a concrete goal.

Largest indoor fitness race

HYROX was conceived by Christian Toetzke, one of the most experienced and successful race event organizers in the world. Worldwide, HYROX events are held at large indoor venues. HYROX has developed into the largest indoor fitness race for mass participation. What is unique about HYROX is that anyone from different athletic and fitness backgrounds can enter the competition. HYROX is open to everyone; there is no qualification or time limit. The average finish time is over an hour and a half. The world record is 54:07 for the men and 58:58 for the women. Participants can sign up in four different race divisions: 1. Open: for every individual 2. Pro: for the experienced racer where heavier weights 3. Doubles: race for pairs participating together. They both run 8 km, but divide the functional exercises among themselves. 4. Relay: race for foursomes, in which each member of the team runs 1 km twice and does 2 functional exercises.

Restaurant RiVers

Opened from 07:00 until 20:00

In Restaurant RiVers you can go for various sandwiches, soups, hot dishes and desserts. Reservations are not necessary.

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