EK-kwalificatie Handbal Nederland-Spanje

29 March 2020

Today, the Dutch government announced that all events with more than 100 visitors are being cancelled until 6 April 2020. That means that this event in Rotterdam Ahoy cannot take place on the date on which it was planned. Please check www.ahoy.nl/corona-en for the current statement.


On March 29, 2020, the Dutch Women's Handball Team plays the European Championship qualifier against Spain in Rotterdam Ahoy. In Ahoy there will be room for a record number of more than 10,000 handball fans who can attend the replay of the 2019 World Cup final live. It is the first time that a handball game has been played in Ahoy.

Sjors Röttger, general manager of the Dutch Handball Association: "We are proud that our world champions can play for so many fans in a beautiful location. This is a fantastic opportunity to present the handball sport to a large audience. Together with all our fans and associations, this will be a big handball party! ”

Peter Blangé, director of Rotterdam Topsport, adds: "Rotterdam has a beautiful and long history with the Dutch handball. In recent years, the Dutch ladies have taken steps towards the global top with the world championship as a fantastic reward. The ladies deserve a grand stage like the Ahoy Arena where we go for a spectator record. ”

A few days earlier, March 25, 2020, the race in Malaga is on the program. This is the first time that both teams come into action after the final at the world championship in Japan. The battle was won by the Netherlands 30-29. In addition to Spain, Austria and Greece are also in the group of four. At the moment, The Dutch are unbeaten at the top.

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