12 September 2024

The Myth Of Normal, een avond met Gabor Maté

On September 12, 2024, Rotterdam Ahoy will once again be the epicenter of inspiration and transformation. One of the world's most progressive thinkers, a living legend in the field of trauma, none other than... DR. GABOR MATÉ! He will take the stage and shine in all his glory. His presence promises to bring true enlightenment, with deep insights into the field of trauma and its influences on ourselves and the world around us.


Path to healing and personal growth

The evening with Gabor Maté offers more than knowledge sharing; it is an opportunity to immediately use the tools you receive on your path to healing and personal growth. And it goes beyond the individual: It's mainly, but not only, about what you can do for yourself, and how your individual actions impact the bigger picture. This evening is an opportunity you won't want to miss, because here you will gain the tools for a life full of healing and growth, and contribute to collective change. The evening in Ahoy will inspire thousands to take action for yourself and a more beautiful world. In gathering with so many people in one place, who all come with the same intention, we create a nuclear reaction of energy, as it were. And that can be felt in the deep layers of our consciousness. This connection creates awareness that has a domino effect on the collective. And with that, together, in deep connection, we create change on a collective level. An evening in Ahoy with Dr. Gabor Maté will be a perfect combination of intellectual stimulation, practical applications and personal connections. All in all, this evening offers a particularly exceptional meeting with one of the world's most famous authors and speakers, and together we are guaranteed to make this an unforgettable experience!

Restaurant 71

Opened from 16:30 until 20:00

Enjoy various tasty dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Reservations are recommended.

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