Soy de Cuba

7 April 2022

The impressive dance and music show Soy de Cuba takes you on an unforgettable trip to the always sunny and pastel-colored heart of the Caribbean island, Cuba. Passion, cheerfulness, rhythmic dancing, soulful singing and a blood-curdling love story play out against a backdrop of a bustling Havana. A six-piece live band, the impressive ensemble, spirited choreography and authentic film images immerse the viewer in the vibrant life of Havana. Effortlessly, Cuban classics like the Salsa, Mambo and Rumba meet new trends, including street dance and reggae. A ticket to an unforgettable journey, Soy de Cuba is coming!

Restaurant Floyd

Opened from 17:00 until 00:00

Enjoy various tasty dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Reservations are recommended.

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