4 June 2024

Impact Night ft. Rita Ora, Son Mieux, Bizzey, Kraantje Pappie & more

Impact Night is a unique and impactful concert featuring artists from both home and abroad! Get ready for an evening filled with spectacular performances and personal stories from artists about mental health, equal opportunities, and other themes. The first edition will take place on June 4, 2024, at Rotterdam Ahoy, and the headliner is none other than superstar Rita Ora! She frequently speaks out on societal issues and inspires young people to pursue their dreams.

Unique blend

Son Mieux, Kraantje Pappie, Numidia, and Gwen van Poorten are the first confirmed names from our own country. They too will deliver spectacular performances and/or speak at Ahoy on subjects that are important to them. In addition to an unforgettable show full of inspiration, during Impact Night, you can also make a direct impact in the Impact Zone. Join an action, meet impactful organizations, or make your voice heard about what matters to you. Impact Night is a unique blend of entertainment and societal impact!

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