27 t/m 29 September 2024

Nationale Taptoe 2024

The National Taptoe: an experience for the whole family! The theme of 2024 is 75 years of NATO and we celebrate the National Tattoo 70 anniversary: Alive and Kicking!

Military orchestras and Defence Forces

One of the main acts is the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team (USA). This world famous team gives a very impressive performance with numerous breathtaking guns exercises that only American soldiers can do. In addition, The Guards Band of the Finnish Defence Forces from Finland give a wonderful performance. Naturally, the Dutch orchestras are extensively discussed. There are performances by the Marine Band of the Royal Navy, the Mounted Weapons Fanfare, the Regimental Fanfare Guard of Grenadiers and Hunters, the Drummers and Pipers of the Marine Corps, the Royal Military Band "Johan Willem Friso”, the Royal Air Force Orchestra and the Royal Military Police Orchestra.

Restaurant RiVers

Opened from 17:00 until 20:00

In Restaurant RiVers you can go for various sandwiches, soups, hot dishes and desserts. Reservations are not necessary.

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