16 November 2023

Mobile Healthcare congres

On November 16th, SBO, in collaboration with Gemeente Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and Rotterdam Square, is hosting the 12th edition of the Mobile Healthcare event: the annual congress on digital healthcare innovations and technologies for Cure, Care, Mental Health, Youth Care and Social Domain.


From healthcare to health

This is the year in which the transformation from healthcare to health is the point of focus. To ensure essential care remains accessible with the professionals available, a new way of thinking and working is required. How can we exchange digital data without compromising patient’s privacy? How can the use of AI support healthcare professionals? And how can eHealth contribute to a healthy life, effective collaboration within the healthcare chain, and job satisfaction? During this day, you will learn everything about the four main themes: healthy life through data, connecting healthcare and the social domain, ecosystem thinking, and the transition to affordability and workforce sustainability.

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