Matthäus aan de Maas

21 march 2020

Today, the Dutch government announced that all events with more than 100 visitors are being cancelled until 6 April 2020. That means that this event in Rotterdam Ahoy cannot take place on the date on which it was planned. Please check for the current statement.


Matthäus aan de Maas contains all the highlights of the St. Matthew Passion. The original four hours will be reduced to 90 minutes to make this classical work attractive to a wide audience.


The Ars Musica Orchestra performs the Matthäus aan de Maas under the direction of conductor Patrick van der Linden. The musical cast consists of Maria Fiselier, Maarten Koningsberger, Johannette Zomer, Fabio Trümpy and Raoul Steffani. Over 2000 choir members from all over the Netherlands will sing. Together with the Ars Musica Orchestra, it will be an overwhelming performance."

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