MANOWAR - 40th Anniversary Tour

April 8 2021

40 Years MANOWAR! In 1980 a new band exploded on the metal scene that went on to write music history; with songs that have become battle hymns, with a sound like no other, and a passion and determination that has defied any obstacles. Their name: MANOWAR! Anniversary Tour 2021 Now, these founders and defenders of true metal will return with their "40th Anniversary Tour” to say "Thank you!” to their loyal fans! The Netherlands have always had a special meaning for the band: Here is where the band recruited enthusiastic followers early on, and here is where many of the most loyal and committed "Manowarriors" worldwide still live today. Powered with great memories of the past MANOWAR will proudly return to The Netherlands to celebrate 40 years of True Metal! Louder - Harder - Bigger One thing is certain: This anniversary tour will be bigger than ever, featuring orchestra and choir, Viking reenactors, stunning visuals and a powerful set list full of immortal classics! All that metal fans love about MANOWAR Songs that unite and inspire, epic imagery, outstanding sound and a gathering of like-minded metalheads.

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