Het Bowie Concert

29 & 30 January 2022

The BOWIE concert tour is postponed

Unfortunately, due to the hard lockdown until 14 January 2022, we have had to decide to postpone the entire Bowie Concert tour.

The tickets you have bought will remain valid for the next tour. More information about the new data can be found here.


Heroes, China Girl, Under Pressure and This Is Not America. David Bowie is an iconic global star who has been a defining force in recent pop history. January 2021 marked the exact five-year anniversary of the singer's death. However, due to the Corona pandemic, we are commemorating Bowie a year later, in January 2022. It will be a dignified tribute with top musicians performing his greatest hits. A live band, together with an unparalleled set, will provide a spectacular tribute to one of the most legendary artists of all time. Under the name 'The BOWIE Concert', this unique show can be seen in Rotterdam (Ahoy - RTM stage).


An immense live band, along with an unparalleled set, will provide a spectacular tribute to one of the most legendary artists of all time. Nearly two years were spent creating "The BOWIE Concert. This unique tribute is performed by a cast of over fifteen artists. They have been cast for this special concert series after a lengthy and carefully conducted audition process. The set and effects are also unique. David Bowie's repertoire deserves this and has become part of the collective memory for a reason. The originally British singer changed music history permanently. With his songs, his story and certainly also with his sometimes eccentric appearance. All these elements will be present in 'The BOWIE Concert'. However, the absolute leading role is reserved for the music. During the more than two-hour concert, all the iconic hits will be played in their original versions. From 'Space Oddity' to 'Let's Dance' and 'Life on Mars'. The show is an unforgettable journey back in time and a feast of recognition for every Bowie fan. Three different singers - two men and one woman - each perform a different period in Bowie's life. Cabaret artist and music connoisseur Vincent Bijlo skillfully strings all the songs together like a true "red thread". Informative, surprising and with a lot of humor. The BOWIE Concert' is the greatest tribute to David Bowie of all time and an absolute 'must see' show for every fan.

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