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Ahoy Arena

This is the iconic arena that most people associate with Rotterdam Ahoy. World-renowned artists such as Jennifer Lopez, U2 and Justin Bieber have performed here. And many other celebrities will grace the stage in years to come. The stadium can accommodate 15,000 music lovers. It also serves as a major venue for world-class sporting events! The Ahoy Arena can be transformed from a nightclub into a tennis court in no time.


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Did you know that we can reduce the Ahoy Arena? For functions such as corporate events and conferences, we transform the stadium into Club Ahoy, a more intimate setting where you can enjoy a top-notch event or deepen your professional knowledge with up to 6,000 colleagues or business associates. Hope to see you soon!

Ahoy Plaza

The plaza where it all happens... Here you can enjoy good food and a drink before, during or after an event. Ahoy Plaza connects Ahoy Arena to the Exhibition & Event Halls. This is where you will find Restaurant RiVers and the escalator to the Ahoy Exclusive Lounge and Restaurant Floyd.

Exhibition & Event Halls

Rotterdam Ahoy also has 6 Exhibition & Event Halls. You might be familiar with these halls from large events such as North Sea Jazz Festival, when all 6 are in use. Or you may know them from consumer events or trade shows.


We can organise events over an area of up to 30,000 m2. That’s more than 4 football pitches!


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Conference & Meeting Centre

The large Conference & Meeting Centre Rotterdam Ahoy offers a range of rooms that can be hired for conferences. These rooms can also be used for meetings. We have a choice of 6 'Docks’ and 2 'Ports’ to suit the size of your meeting.


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