Diverse Rotterdam

Unique & versatile

Rotterdam is a true nightlife city; both in weekends as during the week. Rotterdam is characterized as a city for the young. The university and colleges ensure that the city attracts many young people who can also enjoy a vibrant urban and dance scene. The many clubs and bars are buzzing with fun and the offer of world cuisine restaurants is endless.

Rotterdam has great international appeal. Due to the many publications and positive reviews the international  tourism is growing fast. With 1,3million visitors every year, Rotterdam Ahoy forms a true magnet for the city.

FACT# Rotterdam is known for its culture and world port. A true link in the international economy.

World city

Rotterdam is a world city, internationally renowned for being the 'gateway to Europe'. Its port is the hub of Europe's largest maritime cluster but the Maasstad also operates at a world level within other strong economic sectors such as Clean Tech, Life Sciences & Health, Energy, Agro-food, Transport & Logistics and Finance. Thanks to the many internationally recognized knowledge institutes, a thriving international business community, high-quality culture and architecture, a rich leisure offer and a great diversity of residents, Rotterdam offers all in one.

With its strategic location in Europe, Rotterdam is literally connecting the world.

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City of progress and renewal

Rotterdam is a city of forerunners, pioneers and people who dare to make a change. Entrepreneurship, innovation and experimentation, it is in Rotterdam's DNA. Since history, Rotterdam has attracted immigrants from far and wide. They came here to make their dreams come true, to build a future. This pioneering drive has made Rotterdam grow into the world port city of today. A city that is characterized by its daring urge to innovate; whether it concerns architecture, the creative sector or the port. No wonder  this city is often quoted as "trendsetter”. Think of the new land development of Maasvlakte 2, the striking architectural on "Kop van Zuid” and the universities and knowledge institutes that are internationally rewarded for their quality research and education.

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  • 630.000 inhabitants
  • 170 nationalities
  • Vibrant youth scene
  • Originated in 1270
  • City rights since 1340
  • Largest port in Europe 9th in the world


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