Rotterdam Ahoy
Built for experiences
Your & our safetyEnjoy a pleasant and safe stay at Ahoy.

We appreciate your visit to this page. Rotterdam Ahoy operates under specific terms and agreements and we've listed certain house rules so we can ensure that everyone in and around our accommodation enjoys a safe and pleasant stay. Therefore we need your cooperation. Please read below how we regulate our no-smoking policy, liabilities, access to our buildings, the site, and so on. 

  • Parking and access to Ahoy
  • Entry tickets
  • In Ahoy
  • Security
  • No compensation
  • Respect for the neighbourhood
  • Entry refused, removal and fine


  • AEG Facilities
  • AIPC Member
  • European Arenas Associaton
  • CLC Vecta
  • ICCA Member
  • MPI Member
  • NBTC Marketing
  • Rotterdam Partners
  • UFI Member